Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Kiddy Camp

I signed my kids up for summer camp! Well, it's not exactly all summer, nor is it technically camping, heck it isn't even all day. What it is, however, is 4 wonderful mornings all to myself (with the baby of course). I'm going to get so much done in the 3 hours that they are off playing games, creating art, making friends, doing who knows what and really who cares as long as I have ME time. What bliss it will be.

I'm so excited about all the time I have on my hands and not wanting to waste it, I make a list of all that I will accomplish while they are gone:

Clean house,

Do laundry, ( not sure why this is on my "list" since it's all I ever do and never can complete)

Organize pictures,

Start Ava's baby book ( I know, I know, she's 3, but it's never too late)

Clean out closet

Organize Mia's room ( which I still refer to as "the office")

Take pictures of Mia ( I don't have enough, poor 3rd child)

Read a book ( or at least some of one)

On Monday when I drop the kids off at 9:30 they are eager to leave me and go play. It helps that Carter has a friend there from preschool. Even Ava who has never gone off on her own before is completely okay with me leaving her. She waves to me as she begins to color a picture. "That was easy," I think to myself.

I hurry back with Mia to the car. I am eager to get home, begin my list and have some quiet time. I pull in the garage, take Mia out of her car seat, and bring her in the house. I set her down and am about to put a load of laundry in when Mia begins to cry. "Oh, she must be hungry, no problem." I feed her. She continues to cry. I change her. Still she cries. I swaddle her and rock her. Finally she's asleep and it's quiet.

I put the load of laundry in. Then I look at the clock. Wow, it's already 11. I'm getting hungry. So I pop in a quick frozen Weight Watchers meal and sit down and begin the crossword puzzle from the days newspaper. Four minutes later my meal is ready. When I finish eating I clean the kitchen, dining room and begin the living room. The phone rings. It's my friend Amy. I chat with her while I begin folding the clean laundry that has been sitting in the baskets for about a week (Lovely, wrinkled clothes, because you know I don't iron). After about 10 minutes I glance at the clock.

"Shoot, I gotto go pick my kids up," I tell my friend as I hang up the phone. It's 12:00. I gather Mia, change her diaper, strap her in her car seat and head out. I arrive just in time for the 12:30 pick up. Perfect.

So much for my 3 hours of heaven. I think tomorrow I will skip my list and just relax for the few moments I have.


Mom101 said...

Oh darlin', hear you. I constantly make those free time lists in my head. I only wish reading was closer to the top, and laundry on the bottom. Or on the husband's free time list?

Thanks for the nice comment at my place! You're welcome back any time.

Maternal Mirth said...

Stick with the relaxing, chickadee! You can always tie the kids up whilst you chore-away :)