Thursday, June 26, 2014

Phuket Day 2: Highlights and Observations

Here are my highlights and observations:

*  Full day exploring Phi Phi Islands, means butterfly, but pronounced pee pee..  Surprisingly my kids were very mature with this information.
*  Learning that fish eat bananas.  That's what we were given to feed the fish while snorkeling.  Who knew?  Side note, fish will nip your fingers as Carter can attest to.
*  Monkeys hide on Monkey Island when they are worried of approaching bad weather.  Not the best feeling when on a speedboat an hour away from the mainland.
*  Scoping out the life vest situation and telling Bill that when the boat begins to sink he better help grab five.
*  Not everything is included, snorkeling masks, yes, fins not so much, those are an extra fee.
*  Lunch however was included.  It consisted of curry, rice , a seafood soup, and of course spaghetti and barbecue sauce.  I am not kidding.
*  Saw a water snake and an eel, along with some amazingly colorful fish.
* My kids don't like snorkeling in the rough open sea with the rain pounding down and the boat rocking like crazy, although they did enjoy snorkeling just off the beach in the coral.  Go figure!
* Ava is a brave girl when it comes to the wildlife, she held an iguana and it sat on her shoulder.  To be fair, I think all my kids wanted a chance, but it costs money so for those 5 minutes she was the chosen one, aka favorite.  Good thing I have a photo for all the times she tells me she is unloved.  Now I can point to it and say to her,  "Do loving parents allow a wild animal to sit on their child's shoulders?"  On second thought, maybe I should burn that picture.
*  No one got sea sick, though it was touch and go for a few of our team.
*  Swimming pool time to end our day and Dim Sum for dinner, which surprisingly everyone loved!  I'm sure it's not because they were famished.
*  Everyone in bed and asleep by 7:45.

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