Monday, June 23, 2014

We're off!

We're off!  Packed and ready to go. Southeast Asia for 23 days and then 15 days in Tulsa and Route 66.   Looking forward to the adventure, making memories and new experiences.

 Every trip I make I feel like I get a little better at packing, but I'm sure there will be stuff I wished I didn't pack and other things I wished I would have.   There comes a point where it's good enough or  at least the point where the taxi is waiting to take you to the airport and you just have to grab your bags, ready or not.  Go!  Go!  Go!

Day one was LONG, but relatively uneventful.   We left home at 8:15 and arrived to SFO around 9:00.  The only problem was that Bill was not on our flight.  So the kids and I left first and traveled 10 1/2 hours to Japan, layover for 3 1/2 more hours.  We saw Bill just as the kids were beginning  to fight and 30 minutes before our next flight.  We loaded up most of Team Thompson and then flew Thai Airways, which is amazing by the way, 6 1/2 hours to Bangkok.  Where we meet up with the rest of Team Thompson, aka Bill.

Overall the kids were really good.  Not having to entertain an infant or cranky 3 year old for hours makes the flight just a little bit better.  Everyone entertained themselves by watching movies, such as Labor Day, which is totally kid friendly right?  No video games except for a little Fruit Ninja at the airport in Japan, appropriate I'd say.  And lets not forget a  little violent Japanese murder drama, all in Japanese, that my kids were engrossed in at the airport in Japan.  I was being a good mom and reading my own book, while my kids were watching the murder of a child on a swing with a wrench on the big screen public TV.  I only know this because when it was over Ava told me all about it and how she didn't really think it was appropriate that they watched it and now she was scared.   On the upside after 3 hours of listening and watching Japanese maybe they picked up a few words.

The flight from Japan to Bangkok was great!  We each had our own little tv screens and could watch what we wanted.  The kids actually slept and again no fighting.  Yes!  I thought the food was really good, although my kids barely touched theirs.  We started out with a snack which was some kind of rice crackers and dried little anchovies.  I wasn't really paying attention to what I was eating, and didn't realize I was snacking away on whole dried fish until my kids each handed my their bags, shaking their heads with a disgusted look on their faces.  They all tried some at least.  For the main meal I had the chicken curry, which was wonderful.  The flight attendant thought my kids would prefer the pork and noodles so I agreed.   Yeah, not really a hit with any of them either.  Last we finished up with a little green tea ice cream.  Amazing, although my kids slept through that part.  You snooze, you lose.  Seriously!

We arrived in Bangkok and went through customs and then waited for Bill.  Now my kids were tired, now the fighting began.  Luckily Bill was only an hour behind us.  Needless to say we were super happy for Team Thompson to be reunited.  The taxi we crammed into was a small economy car.  Mia sat on my lap and Ava's seatbelt didn't work.  Awesome.  Our hotel wasn't too far and at least this taxi driver wasn't  texting while driving like the taxi driver who took us to SFO.  After  driving for awhile we turned off the main road onto what appeared to be an alley way and took it all the way to the end.  It seemed a little dodgy getting here, but the hotel is actually very nice.  We got out of the taxi and straight to the lobby, which is outdoors.  My kids were ecstatic because there were a bunch of lizards crawling around on the walls.  Best Place Ever according to Carter, who can't wait to catch some.  So not going to happen.

We went straight to bed since it was midnight here.  I could only sleep for 5 hours which is why I'm typing this.  Our taxi picks us up at 8am to finish traveling to Phuket.  It's only an hour flight.  Can't wait to get to our destination, get our luggage, and relax.

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