Monday, June 11, 2012

Lessons Learned

It's official, Summer of Work has begun!  The kids eagerly awoke and started picking up and making beds.  Teamwork, amazingly enough, even took place with Carter and Mia each helping the other make their beds.  Ava was so into it she even went above and beyond and organized 2 of her desk drawers.  While Carter decided to make everyone his delicious pancakes from scratch! 

It was even Ava's laundry day (once a week the kids do their own laundry) and although she balked a bit she eventually tackled the job and did it well.  She sorted, washed, dried, folded and put away her clothes. 

I learned that my kids are really quite capable.  Crossing fingers it lasts more than a week. 

Alas, for every positive there is a negative, and the negative was quick to come.  Today "hike" was chosen from our Summer of Fun jar.  Most were excited although it was supposed to be a hot day, mid 90s hot.  So we decided to take our hike in the late afternoon.  The kids were playing Jenga and I was doing something really important, okay so maybe checking Facebook isn't that important, but still I was busy.  The next thing I know there's crying and two kids are running to me, eager to be the first to tattle.  Long story short, one of my kids lied to me.  Not only lied to me once, but continued to lie clinging to their story.  So once I found out the truth, which mom's have an amazing knack for, that child was sent to their room for the rest of the day.  A babysitter was found and the hike was still on, minus one child who I hope learned their lesson. 

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